Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD
The largest Shipbuilding and Shiprepair enterprise in Bulgaria
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Bulyard is working in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.
Notification for vessels which are planning to come for a shiprepair in Bulyard

Integrated production facilities and human resources
Flexibility and an optimal schedule
Full power in response to the expectations of the customer
Caution in any maneuver
The main activities in BULYARD Shipbuilding Industry ЕAD nowadays are shiprepair, shipbuilding and steel construction. Those business areas are going hand to hand and for this reason the Shipyard is working for the expansion in all directions.
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Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD is the largest shipbuilding and shiprepair enterprise in Bulgaria in view of the volume of the production and the size of the ships being built, technology and production organization.
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Ship repair is the second largest activity in Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD. The production facilities allow for common and class repairs.

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