“Bulyard shipbuilding industry” EAD is private single-member stock company incorporated and existing under Bulgaria’s Commercial Act and was established on 26.03.2004 after decision of Varna Court. Since May 2004 all assets of former Varna shipyard were acquired by “Bulyard shipbuilding industry” EAD.
Over the years  the shipyard has borne such names  as Varna Port Workshop, Georgi Dimitrov Shipyard, Varna Shipyard and nowadays – “Bulyard shipbuilding industry” EAD. 
The foundations of the company have been laid in 1907. The company started with building and repair of small wooden vessels. The first steel vessel “Galata” was built in 1937. The modern look of the enterprise is formed in the1955-1980’s when the main production facilities, now acquired by “Bulyard shipbuilding industry” EAD, are built.
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