Quality policy

The policy of Bulyard shipbuilding industry EAD is oriented towards the production and provision of quality products and services to guarantee the satisfaction of its clients. The senior management of Bulyard shipbuilding industry EAD decided to implement a Management System ensuring a constant level of product quality.
Bulyard shipbuilding industry EAD has long-term objectives to create a favorable for the business and creative initiatives society of employees, suppliers and subcontractors. The ultimate goal of the Company is to meet the requirements of its clients, to increase its production capabilities and to restore its position on the international market.
The established rules and consistence in the performance of the activities resulting from this Management System are compulsory for all employees, suppliers and subcontractors of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD.
The Management of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD is personally committed to the provision of suitable conditions for the efficient functioning of the Management System in order to ensure the defined Quality Policy. We are convinced that this is the method to meet the requirements of our clients.
The Management of the Company has defined the following quality policy:
„A major priority of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD is to perform shipbuilding and ship repair work using the production capacities of the enterprises to a maximum extent, to meet the requirements of the clients by providing them with a complete service and high quality within the set deadlines, to keep qualified and competent personnel and to provide this personnel with opportunities for development and career, thus establishing itself as one of the solid, fast developing and competitive companies in the European and world shipbuilding industry.”

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