Blasting and painting
In ”Bulyard shipbuilding industry” EAD the surface preparation and the paint application are completed in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines with all necessary criteria being met prior to commencement of coating and of course carefully complied with during the coating process.
Our main goal is to meet the requirements of our customers and provide high quality services in compliance with the best production practices.
Washing of ship hulls, superstructures and other ship spaces with water under pressure up to 500 bar (WOM). Usage of paints and primers from international companies like; Chukoku, Hempel,International, Jotun, Kcc, Sigma Professional advice, supervision, inspection of preparatory and painting work on the basis of a full set of international standards. Cleaning and painting of tanks with application of surface preparation up to SA2,5 with grit blasting cleaning with water up to 2000 bar .Air Compressor: 450 cbm / min @ 8 bars - up 45 nozzles / dock Water Jets: 14 nozzles @ 750 bar & 6 nozzles@ 2000 bar.
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