Social Responsibility

CSR operations have been brought in the practice of the leading and socially responsible companies recently. Since the time it was not yet defined by the marketing theory as so CSR has steadily presented in the complex work process of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD. CSR presents responsibility to employees, the environment and the interested parties, as well as participations in socially significant projects and charity. 
The overall CSR activity pursues company goals related to the productivity, incl. keeping and upgrading the employees’ and workers’ qualification, human resources, incl. employees’ and workers’ motivation and setting up of teams, improving working environment. 
Considerable part of the CSR operations of the enterprise is announced by publishing financial statements, capital rationing information and random press-releases and articles of different subjects. 

Social responsibility towards our employees
More than a thousand workers are directly employed or assigned by subcontractors at Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD. 
Despite the extremely volatile economic environment the enterprise always puts efforts for assuring favourable working environment and building teams as well as balancing between work and private life of the employees and encouraging higher results. This is boosted by setting up, carrying out and attendance of diverse events for different occasions.

Bulyard carries out career planning by means of courses, training, incl. indoor, for the employees and workers, apprenticeship, probation for students and pupils of vocational schools and universities (Varna Technical University, Naval Academy, Varna, Nautical School, Varna) in order to let them get awareness of the facilities and the process. The attendance of different specialized courses and indoor training are arranged in case of necessity. 

Social responsibility towards the environment
The environmental protection related responsibilities are assigned to persons in charge of this particularly. 
One of the related assignments is the collection of data on the quantitative impact of the work process of the shipyard on the environment such as toxic gas and dust emissions, consumption of power, water, consumables, recycling etc. We do commit ourselves to strictly follow, be acquainted with and observe the environment related legislation regulations.

Being socially responsible company, Bulyard takes account of the presence of ecological risk when taking new projects and investments.
In relation to the environmental protection activity, by virtue of orders, all employees, workers and subcontractors are obliged to keep their working stations tidy and to keep the environment clean. The company is pursuing ways of diminishing the toxic emissions, encouraging the efforts for saving renewable and non-renewable sources. 

Serious factor influencing on the research process and determining the choice for new suppliers and subcontractors is the environmental protection commitment. The company expects from the subcontractors to follow the environmental protection policy and power and water sources conservation. In addition to the existing company practices, Bulyard undertakes financial support of different ecology related causes, affecting not only the company territory but also the community as a whole. 

Ethics and responsibility towards the interested parties
As a socially responsible company Bulyard’s stand determines the significance of all interested parties, namely subcontractors, employees, clients, competitors, state bodies, regulating the relevant activities (for instance Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water). The shipyard tolerates transparency and correct attitude and expects back even amount of clarity, equity and loyalty. By means of the bunch of measures in this aspect the shipyard strive to do their best to keep balance between their interests and those of all the interested parties. From this point of view the stand of the relevant audiences towards the corporate social responsibility is important to us. This inevitably helps for building up mutual credit. If necessary the CSR related issues are discussed on symposia, seminars, fairs, meetings (including meetings of BULNAS with the participation of the members of the association), at meetings with potential subcontractors and partners, in written correspondence, circulars, company orders and reports. 

Participations in socially significant projects
The commitment to keep the environment clean incl. erection of a treatment plant, replacement of water supply installation etc., support of a number of initiatives and events important to the region and preservation of the employment, facilitate the entire activity of Bulyard towards participations in socially significant and useful projects. 

We sympathize with our employees’ lives and the society in general. We care about their health by collecting funds and arrangement of campaigns to help employees and workers of Bulyard in dire straights, collecting money for orphans and homeless and neglected children, financial support to organizations and institutions.
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