Capital special edition Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD - a leader with even greater ambitions


    The special edition of the Capital newspaper contains an article about Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD. The article describes how one of the leaders in the industry copes during the epidemic and the measures required by management to compensate for months of reduced activity.  
    The article describes how during the quarantine when the anti-epidemic measures introduced by the state to ban the entry of citizens from countries affected by the pandemic necessitated the postponement of scheduled ship repairs and how the company reacted to this. During this period, Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry concentrated on its shipbuilding activities, completing the floating crane hull for GANZ Danubius Watercraft and Crane Ltd. and which was later launched.
     The publicist describes how the company is returning hard after the abolition of quarantine measures through new ship repair contracts and work on existing ones.
     The facilities and equipment available to the company are described and how these unique facilities allow to perform various activities for repair of the vessels serviced in the plant of the company. Particular attention is paid to how Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry is always actively looking for new employees to cover the increasing volume of work.
     Another topic set in the article is the company's ambitions to maintain its leading position not only in Bulgaria, but also to establish itself even more on the European market.
     A link to the article can be found here.
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