The main activity of the Design Team of Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD is the elaboration of entire workshop documentation on the grounds of class approved drawings, submitted by clients. The ship designers are in use of specialized CAD/CAM software – well recognized within the shipbuilding industry. For the elaboration of workshop documentation of the ships in construction, including those after pr. Future’56, Supramax type, TRIBON is in use – a contemporary 3D design system, which provides high level of automation of the design processes as well as all the necessary production information.

NUPAS is a software alternative to TRIBON, which has been used for some projects within 2007-2009.

Other main activities of the Design Team:
  • day-to-day supervision of the ships in construction;
  • modification of the existing projects in compliance with the market fluctuations and statutory requirements;
  • elaboration of as-built drawings for all ships prior to delivery;
  • preparation of offers and workshop documentation in response to inquiries for all kinds of steel units;
  • estimation of the pertinent repair works for ships under repair;
  • elaboration of workshop documentation for modifications of ships in service as per Client’s inquiries.
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