• AQAP 2120 - Shipbuilding, Ship-Repairs and Conversions of Ships with merchant and Special purpose and DWT up to 100 000t. Production, Assembly, Repair and Non-Destructive Control of Pipelines, Metal and Ship-Hull Structures. Repair and Assembly of Marine Equipment and System of General and Special Purpose.
  • RMRS Approval - Conversion, modernization and repair of items of technical supervision (ships, hull structures, ship equipment, products, etc.); Maintenance and repair of electrical and automation equipment.
  • BRS Approval – Repair of hull structures and machinery installations on ships and floating facilities



Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD
has the following qualifications:

1. Approved WPS for welding of steel, grade А32 ÷ ЕH36 with thickness from 3 ÷ 60 mm;

2. Certified welders for different welding processes (111, 121, 135, 136, 141), in all welding positions;

3. Non-destructive control (ultrasonic, magnetic particle and and dye penetrant examination) of welding seams, hull structures and materials;

4. Steel bending in two directions, according to given profile and thickness from 7 ÷ 40 mm ;

5. Bending of “HP”; “L”; “T” profiles;

6. Shoppriming of steel plates with max width 3 m.     

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